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I am the darkness, I am the light
I am the darkness, I am the light,
I am the embodiment fright;
I whisper temptations and glow divinely
Ask me nicely, perhaps I’ll unbind thee
From death, from life, from all your strife
You think you know me, you say you do
You think your holy books ring true?
I am the darkness, I am the light
I am the thing at which children scream come night
I dance in sunshine, in corners I hide,
Demarcate, delineate, divide,
You think words black, words white
Correctly control or classify my might?
I am the darkness, I am the light
I am the thing of unimaginable might
On the throne I sat, a crown placed so
In the streets I protested how I know
Better, best than you, you cretin,
And in the mob cried “Beat him! Beat him!”
Blood thick, blood thin I play host
To your demon, your angel, your ghost
What good, bad concept you think you thought
Tis I who lets you rise or brings you to naught
I am the darkness, I am the light
I am unspeakable alright
Dull my fangs; my claws yet remain
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Creation Myth
Before gods fashioned Memory
Before the birth of Time
Before the idolization of Love or Loyalty
       sung the hero’s rhyme
Before Water wished and flowed
Before Air smelled sweet
Before Fire danced and dimmed
Before the Heart beat
Before Twilight drew curfew
Before Dawn blessed the land
Before Music praised virtue
Before man Dreamed
       There was Darkness
       From this void, nonexistence brought forth existence. How and when is a paradox the darkness keeps and reveals not to any man or god.
       Sylph, the wind deity, gained the ability to speak first. He talked the world into being, for language is life. Thus he fashioned our world. Mountains rose, rivers flowed, and life he breathed into the earth and all its matter.
       The heaven and the stars lived long before his time and will endure long beyond their passing. The secret of their age only darkness knows and never speaks of.
       Sceadu, wife of Sylph and deity of the Twilight realm, birthed many children.
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This world was made for fools
This world was made for fools
    Fools in love
    Fools called friends
    Fools who fear not
    Fools singing hope
       Singing praises
       Singing of sunshine
    Fools who forget
       The dark
       The demons
       That days end
You wise, wise fool...
:iconhawkz112:Hawkz112 1 0
Demagogues who cast Dreams
What I see is what I say
No lies to hypnotize
The ears of the ignorant, the innocent
People who propose subservience
    to men of the cloth, men cloaked as sovereign
Mother and brother, father and daughter dear
Beguiled and Believing
    in the fantasy of the phantasmagoria
Dream, they hiss they hypnotize
Drift into this delightful daze:
    In Here,
Let's burn some Benjamins
All fires start small
Hungry, always hungry
This Desire of Fire
Hear its heady, growing call
Only in darkness can there be light
So let the darkness grow and the fire glow bright
    In Here,
This land of miracles
This land of milk and honey
Drink long, drink deep
Know a drought's a-rising
Sense this kiss of a sun
Know the good times never last, and
Winter 's a-coming
Trust me, they hiss they hypnotize
Think not and trust me
Mother knows best, Big Brother too
Close your eyes little one
Drift into this delightful daze
Close your mind a
:iconhawkz112:Hawkz112 1 2
All Collars Rust
My head does not bow
Presumptuous fools, you who believe otherwise
You will not break me
You will not crush this courage
For all those who think I simply proud
Your heads shall be the first to roll
I see the cracks in your armor
I feel the wall shudder at my howl
Every kingdom must fall
This collar cannot hold me
Drink your whiskey and women
Learn to swallow well
Or learn to choke on fear
I'm free now
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Time for a Walk and a Talk
Will y'listen boy?
Will y'listen?
I've a tail or two for y'
ignore those cynical cats
they know nothin' what they say
but I've got somethin' t' say
so will y'listen?
it's important these words
they ain't just mine, they could be yours too
all y'gots t' do is listen
hearin's no good
y'gotta listen boy, listen real good
some thin's can't be repeated
Let me lick ma lips
an' sit where they can hear our secret
'cuz if they listen it can be their secret too
y'listenin' now, right?
y'said y'was gonna listen
listen now:
--Strangers didn't stop to stare as the dog licked that cherubic cheek--
Did y'listen? Not hear but listen?
Did y'listen boy, my boy?
'cuz I've got somethin' t' say
an' I don't mind repeatin' it
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What's Its Name?
would title its tag if it were tame
You call yours something too
Don't you
I like the beast to run wild
the curling of my blood
and the screams of lusty ecstasy
No fatigue
Not tired
Spiced up energy
Kid on a sugar high
No right, no wrong
No black no white
Only the rush, the bite, the unfurling of the uncontrolled
Rage against the machine
Is nothing
compared to the rage of man
We have beasts hiding in our blood
and they bay when that fire begins to burn
There the beast keeps
There the beast creeps
Be you of indigo ichor or mortal maroon
Behind closed doors not always locked
Your beast of lycan-likeness
Comes out to play
If called by name
:iconhawkz112:Hawkz112 0 0
Oysters for Gluttons
What can you tell me I don't already know
What can you write that wasn't previously penned
What notes can you dot on a scale I haven't heard before
What ideas can you claim idiosyncratic that aren't remakes from the Masters
What pretty picture could you paint not yet framed
What fact
What fiction
What rainbowed gush of imagination
have I not heard
have I not seen
in my two and twenty years?
The world was my oyster
and I ate three
My world, your world, and the world beyond
I know
Yet you dare tell me otherwise?
What? Think you're smarted than I?
Che. Obviously
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Sweet little bluejay,
Won't you sing for me?
Day departed, night crawls near
Will you frighten 'way my fears
Won't you sing me a lullaby?
Sunshine in you smile
Calm my heart for a lil' while
My love, my little bluejay
Won't you sing that song?
Dry this sadness from my eyes
An' hush these lonely, mournful cries
A love unbound, love so strong,
Love, my angel, is never wrong
Won't you sing me your pretty paean,
My sweet little bluejay?
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Breathe in deep
Smell the sear of hot metal sizzle human flesh
that rise of guilt and bile
to die a hero's death in another battle
the general, the Grim Reaper, walks by, tall and healthy
Bite your tongue foot soldier
Bite hard, draw blood; what's a little more?
Silence saves you skin today
at the cost of tomorrow
Fight on! Charge, and fight on!
Be brave
You foe charges screaming
Be brave
As sword splits stomach
Be brave
When you meet Death face to face
Bow again, deeper now
When he sends you back
Breathe in deep
Taste life on the battlefield
Feel the glorious sun bathe you, corpse and comrade
Ignore your general's unmounted horse
you won this battle
:iconhawkz112:Hawkz112 1 3
Time Tells All(most Nothing)
What can you tell me about time?
That it's immortal?
It goes on forever like the universe--no, past the boundaries of the universe!
It's older than Father Time and younger than the impulse
It dictates everything while owning nothing
Does it matter?
Does it care?
Speed up? Slowdown?
Or is it forever steady, always constant?
What is time?
worth Everything
or Nothing at all
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A Life worth Living
I want no paradise
No utopia in the clouds
Heaven on Earth is my style
So tell it to me true
A Life worth Living:
If for every hug with a brother
we embraced an enemy
If for every truth we spoke
we admitted a lie
If once we found love
we gave up on hate
If we reserved some smiles for strangers
and shook hands honestly
If memories not money were our aim
If on cold days our hearts remained warm
If prejudice could die with the last generation
and acceptance arise with the new
If the old was cherished, not forgotten
and differences no longer a barrier
If beauty be judged in the glow of their character
and not the glow of their face
If one smile could be worth it?
That every Sunday meant sundaes
That all Christmases came with a tree
That birthdays had cake and candles
That pictures showed only goofy grins
That jobs were a junkyard of joy
That secret hopes came true
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No longer than the blink of an eye
That's all it took
Now comes the crash of foretold catastrophe
The breaks won't work, not in time
You may as well be flying faster than sixty
On-lookers slack-jawed, white-eyed
"This could get messy"
Turning away from the inevitable impossible
You stare, throat dry, hair prickly as a porcupine
Tense as a beginner assassin
Nerves jumping from peace to panic
Then it hits you.
Breath gone, fingers cold, body on fire
Ears blocked by blood, mind fogged thoughtless
What happened?
What was that?
That was an impact immortal as time
You saw him, he saw you
Now collide
Feeling love at first sight
:iconhawkz112:Hawkz112 1 0
Cupid's Creation
Was I not made for love?
A voice more bear than baritone
Lulls with the melodies of past and present
And hums to the rhythm of your heart
Fingers blunt as my manner
Inspire fits of laughter
Quick to hold
Loathe to let go
Behind a smile could be a silver tongue
Or just a tongue tied fool
Your kiss with a smile; what a treasure!
Warm I am in winter
If only to hold you closer, closer still
I need no eyes to count you beautiful
What I see, how can I describe?
It's a breathe of freedom
Unburdened by knowing how troublesome too
For even if I was not made for love
You were surely made for lovin'
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Dreams a Kingdom
Let me tell you of a place crafted by men,
Where ancient myths lumber and laze about,
Where the night sky glows and dark its days,
Where friends and fiends drink the same nectared wine,
Where women reminiscent of Aphrodite play like nymphs
    and men just as fair court them,
Where dwarves and demons contest their elven brethren over land, law, lies for history goes to the victor,
Where victors lose and victims victorious change faces and stay the same,
Where horrors breathe, incubi incur usurpations,
Where families never fight and siblings share,
Where the popular kids know you, you a popular kid,
Where the lunch-money filching bully flinches at your name,
Where gallant knight saves distressed damsel
    and love blooms beyond husband and wife,
Where you play God and Lucifer and the common man in between,
Where gods are merely mortals and the peasant esteemed a Holy Man,
Where generations are birthed at the tip of a pen,
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The Honeyed Hymn of an Addict
That's what it is.
The aroma of rich leather
The taste of anticipation before another page
The hallucinogen of words constructing worlds
More, I say
More I want
My drug, my high, this constant craving with insatiable desire
Can I quit?
I won't
I love it,
This addiction to the printed page
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Beware: I foster Free thought
United States
Current Residence: Southern USA
A quick heads up, I plan to update loads this year, poems and those short stories of mine that are collecting dust. So, prepare yourselves for a feast of fine literature.


~I prefer the term vertically challenged.
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